Comfort can be Chic

I wore my new favourite pair of nude jelly wedges today, just to do some errands.
 I wanted to be comfortable running around, but still look presentable.
Since its a public holiday, I thought I should make some effort, since I'm always in my fleecy PJ's trousers and t shirt these days, at home drowning in work.
The wedge is the perfect height, since its not too tall, that I need to crawl to the next destination and tall enough to give me some height.
The nude colour matches my skin tone perfectly, giving the illusion that I've got long legs.
 From afar, it even looks like I don't have shoes on sometimes, since its so close to my skin colour. :P  I'm in love with the floral cut out pattern it has all over the shoe. I'm really looking forward to wearing these in the summer, since it will keep my feet dry because of the cut out pattern, even though its made from the plastic material.

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