Lock up your shopping malls cause the Shopaholic is on the move

I am a shopaholic.
I got this beautiful delicate dress for $70.
What I like about this dress is the built in bra inside and the beautiful light material.

I got this denim dress for around $50, I was attracted to the intricate back.
It reminds me of an apron. the length is little daring for my liking so I would style it with leggings underneath.

I have always wanted an army inspired shirt, ever since I saw the army shirt from Zara. However, at $ 600 a piece, I thought I better look around first, and it paid off. I found this collar studded high-low shirt for only $40.

This sleeve cut out denim shirt was a bargain at $50.

I was captivated by the pattern as it reminds me of a nerd, and looks so cosy I knew I had to get it, $130.

Slouchy trousers at $ 50.

Lacey top at $50.
This would pair nicely with a pair of jeans.

Glittery classy top at $50.

Colourful flats at $120.

Benefit High Beam at $250.

My splurge of the month. My leopard print, horse hair heels from Irregular Choice at $1150. Check out the heel and sole of these bad boys.

Hair chain  for $50 from Forever 21, modeled by our glamourous model Mr. Winnie the Pooh.

Maxi dress at $100.
This dress just oozes elegance and sexiness.
The embroidery gives the body a feminine contour shape.

Silk and lace top at $70.

Skinny jeans from forever21 at $86.
I think that a nice fitted pair of jeans suitable for your body shape is essential for every girl's closet.
This pair fits like a glove, it hugs to my hips without love handles bulging out.


Review and home-made nosh

I found my favourite mascara.
It lengthens and gives me volume. I am so impressed with the quality, as it was only under $100. The mascara lasted for the entire day and did not flake.

I am in love with the brush. The flat side of the brush is used to apply the product to your lashes. Then the brush is used to spread and comb out the product into a more even layer.

This picture with the mascara on probably dosent even do it justice. However, you can see that my lashes are so long that they nearly reach my eyebrow. This is without falsies by the way.

I saw this package at a good deal, so I had to grab it.

J'adore this concealer. Its the magic wand that zaps my zombie face to presentable citizen of the world. It 's a watery consistency, so it dosen't dry up my under eye region. It brightens and conceals my dark circles and blemishes without looking cakey.
This BB cream is just as fantastic as the concealer. This gives me a sheer natural coverage. It dosen't look like I have any make up on and even out my skin tone.

 Normally I sleep with the air conditioner on all night and I end up with a cracked desert face. Now, I apply a thick layer of Egyptian Magic cream before I go to bed and I wake up with moist and plump skin.

 Just to update: this is what I have in my uni palette. All the products are cream based, for convenience of applying product with my fingers, since I can't fit a brush in it.
Also, I didn't want my powder based products to crumble whilst I carry it, in my handbag.
The smallest sphere is my Bobbi Brown cream concealer. The white sphere is my laneige cream hilighter. The second largest sphere is my Sally Hansen cream blush. Finally the largest, is my Christian Dior cream foundation.
My delicious dinner tonight is salad with avocado and raw salmon.
My favourite snack. Its so addictive and healthy.


Out on the hunt for bears

I used my bear bag as inspiration for today's outfit.
I used the same colour scheme and added a scarf belt and studded sandals to funk up the look.


Food glorious food!!!

I heard raves about Applegreen restaurant, so naturally my belly had to go and check out what all the fuss was about.

This was the best dish that we ordered.

Wasn't too keen on this dish as the fish tasted bitter. I was expecting alot from the Guacamole salad, although the dip was so bland, it tasted like cream spread without the creamy taste. Really disappointing.

Made with real Puffer or Blowfish, I hope they didn't pack the poisonous part!!
This packet was pricey for a snack, at $50. Despite the price, it is full of flavour and has sprinkle of seasame seeds.

This snack is also at $50, but I think its worth it. The moment I opened the wrapping, a strong melon scent oozed out, tickling my senses and next thing you know it, I'm melting my second one in my mouth!

I went to the Regal Hotel for a delicious lunch set! I was so hungry that I forgot to take pictures of the appetizers and the main meal.

Ippudo has been voted to serve the best ramen in HK. The soup undoubtedly is quite tastey and I can understand why it was so raved about. However, as for the noodle, it was only okay from my point of view.



What is in this red mysterious box?
Lets take a look....

 Let's take a peek....
They are macaroons!!!!

What's more is that they are gigantic! I placed my glasses beside them so that you guys can compare to estimate the size of these twin monsters!

 Chocolate and apple flavoured macaroons on steriods!!!

Check out this yummy chicken and chips Indian style.

Are you feeling hungry yet? These meals just proves that quality doesn't mean reaching to the depths of your purse.

I finally got it!!!!!

I'm soo excited!!
I finally got the new version of the UNII palette!!!
I've been wanting this for years now, but held back because I thought it was to expensive and that I could make a DIY version.
I did make one, but wasn't totally satified by the results.
I got it in lavender which is my favourite colour and scent.