Food for thought

I was so happy when I was given this carrot cake, as its rare to find here.

I enjoyed a celebratory dinner here, where the chef cooked the food in front of us on the hot steel table in front of us.
The food was delicious as always.

My favourite desert at the moment are frozen yogurts. I tried the caremel yogurt topped with mini macaroons, however the macroons were disapointing as they were stale.

My friend and I had a cozy chinwag over brunch.

I tried the pig knuckle for the first time. It looks red angry and if I offended it, I will need to duck to cover from its punches. However, despite its scary appearance, it was suculent and juicy. Apparently, pig knuckle has collagen in it, which is good for the skin and joints.

I was at a wedding and thought the table setting and the tableware was extremely elegant.

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