Food glorious food!!!

I heard raves about Applegreen restaurant, so naturally my belly had to go and check out what all the fuss was about.

This was the best dish that we ordered.

Wasn't too keen on this dish as the fish tasted bitter. I was expecting alot from the Guacamole salad, although the dip was so bland, it tasted like cream spread without the creamy taste. Really disappointing.

Made with real Puffer or Blowfish, I hope they didn't pack the poisonous part!!
This packet was pricey for a snack, at $50. Despite the price, it is full of flavour and has sprinkle of seasame seeds.

This snack is also at $50, but I think its worth it. The moment I opened the wrapping, a strong melon scent oozed out, tickling my senses and next thing you know it, I'm melting my second one in my mouth!

I went to the Regal Hotel for a delicious lunch set! I was so hungry that I forgot to take pictures of the appetizers and the main meal.

Ippudo has been voted to serve the best ramen in HK. The soup undoubtedly is quite tastey and I can understand why it was so raved about. However, as for the noodle, it was only okay from my point of view.

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