May Glamabox and BareMinerals Haul

This months May Glamabox is also healthy skin orientated. Before I begin this months Glamabox, I'm going to review last months April Glamabox products. Ive been using all the products and I like all of them. They all give good results, especially the Phytoceuticals. However, I dont love it , to the point I will invest money on it, since it is quite expensive. I'm nearly running out of it, and then I will learn if I can live without it.

I'm happy they sent me anti aging products, these are right up my street. 

This is perfect, since I just ran out of shampoo. I can use this till I buy full size products. PS the shampoo and conditioner from last months Glamabox, weren't that exciting, they felt like cheap hotel products, also I saw no improvement on the hair loss factor.

This drink claims to boost collagen levels and improve the look of your skin. The first sip was fine, but then the sweetness got a little overwhelming and I just couldnt wait to get it over and done with.

I heard good things about this mask, I never knew that this was a famous brand. I can't wait to use this.

BareMinerals Haul.
 Natural Sunscreen powder, with a built- in brush. This really interested me. It looks like its convenient and non-greasy like other sunscreen. I was looking this product up before I was going to purchase it and found that it has been on the market for years, but this is the first time I have heard of it.

This is the built-in brush. To apply, one has to twist the tube to open setting to allow the powder to settle into the bristles. Once theres enough powder on the brush, one can adjust the setting to Buff, then buff away into skin. 

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