I have these pair of boring black suede summer flip flops, that are really comfortable although they look a little outdated and boring. So I went to the craft store and bought stud buttons. I hand sew these studs on, and my fingers are so numb after studifying the right shoe, since it is so difficult to push a pin through thick suede.  I have worked up bucket amounts of sweat and I think I'm done for tonight. Going to rest my little throbbing phalanges tonight. But I can't wait to finish the other shoe, so I can rock them out!

Ps. The dark sporadic circles you see are failed attempt at glueing down circular studs. They were falling off as I walked. I peeled the remaining off and rubbed alcohol on the hard white glue. The glue has faded, and it doesnt look as visible in real life.



After 30 finger- numbing mins.

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