Review and home-made nosh

I found my favourite mascara.
It lengthens and gives me volume. I am so impressed with the quality, as it was only under $100. The mascara lasted for the entire day and did not flake.

I am in love with the brush. The flat side of the brush is used to apply the product to your lashes. Then the brush is used to spread and comb out the product into a more even layer.

This picture with the mascara on probably dosent even do it justice. However, you can see that my lashes are so long that they nearly reach my eyebrow. This is without falsies by the way.

I saw this package at a good deal, so I had to grab it.

J'adore this concealer. Its the magic wand that zaps my zombie face to presentable citizen of the world. It 's a watery consistency, so it dosen't dry up my under eye region. It brightens and conceals my dark circles and blemishes without looking cakey.
This BB cream is just as fantastic as the concealer. This gives me a sheer natural coverage. It dosen't look like I have any make up on and even out my skin tone.

 Normally I sleep with the air conditioner on all night and I end up with a cracked desert face. Now, I apply a thick layer of Egyptian Magic cream before I go to bed and I wake up with moist and plump skin.

 Just to update: this is what I have in my uni palette. All the products are cream based, for convenience of applying product with my fingers, since I can't fit a brush in it.
Also, I didn't want my powder based products to crumble whilst I carry it, in my handbag.
The smallest sphere is my Bobbi Brown cream concealer. The white sphere is my laneige cream hilighter. The second largest sphere is my Sally Hansen cream blush. Finally the largest, is my Christian Dior cream foundation.
My delicious dinner tonight is salad with avocado and raw salmon.
My favourite snack. Its so addictive and healthy.

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