Bike ride

I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon cycling through the quieter side of Hong Kong. Sometimes, its good to get away from the busy city. I hired a bike for only HK $40 which Im sure I had my moneys worth since I cycled for 3 tiresome hours. I love how Hong Kong has alot of cycling paths. The paths can be challenging, since there were a few steep pathways, as well as bumpy ones and narrow ones. Lets just say, you won't feel bored. I made sure I slathered a thick layer of sun lotion and sported a pair of padded cycling leggings, with another pair of dark leggings over them and a flowy long top to cover my bottom, so that I won't be so conscious of the padded cycling leggings being exposed. As, if seen, people will mistaken the padding as a huge bottom.:S My outfit was more comfort orientated rather than fashion forward, so that explains the lack of photos of myself.

Today I'm really feeling the effects of yesterday exercise. My backside, thighs and calves are aching so badly. But enough of my moaning, heres a few pictures that you can enjoy of one of the seneries I soaked up.

The Hill you see there is called the "8 Peak Mountain". Its quite popular amoungst hillwalkers.

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