Reflection of my tears

What happens when the great blinding burst of warm lively glow is dimmed by a long tunnel, to the point that it looks like a spec of white dust?

The feeling of betrayal, injustice and loneliness has held me prisoner from myself.

I desperately try to seek distractions and comfort, but I found myself at the bottom of a garbage pit.

I still have hope nonetheless. I hold on to the believe that, that white dust, is really a distant star, shining just for me. 

"Today" is just one day. After the stroke of midnight, "today" is officially over. It can never repeat itself, and I will not need to re-live it again.  

Let the poison drain into the gutters.

Let the heart beat to the sound of your favourite song.

Let your eyes sparkle with the excitement of life.

Let us bathe in the riverbed, that never run backwards.

Lets not look at what we don't have. We can not be spoilt all the time.

Its our privilege to be have a place to stay and eat what we like.