My First Entry

Let me introduce myself, Im Saphire Drops, its lovely to meet you.
I will be posting events from my life, DIY projects, fashion and anything I think will tickle your fancy.

I'm so excited about this blog. I've always been inspired by other bloggers and I hope that I can stur up the same excitment as other bloggers have with me.

So for my first blog, I just want to rave about these baby pink platforms I got at a boutique. They instantly caught my eye. They are extremely comfortable as the heel to the ball of the feet height difference isn't too significant. I probably got it in a size too big for me though, since when I walk, the heel of the shoe comes away from my feet, giving me the Cinderella (lost shoe) effect. However, with the right heel cushions, I was about to roam free, without the fear of losing my shoes. I wore them to a dinner buffet at the Conrad. I had no problems collecting as much food from the buffet as I can. I teamed these beauties with a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, rosy gold metallic flowy top and a white blazer.

Much love

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