Favourite concealer

I made an exciting discovery, a creamy concealer pallette that dosen't cost an arm and a leg.
 I found these at Sasa.
I bought 2 different pallettes as I wasn't sure which one suit my skin tone best, (I bought shade 2 and 4). It only cost a mere HK$20 each, so I was willing to buy 2 to try out. I'm so impressed with the consistency that I want to buy more backups of it.
Bonus is it dosen't contain any Parabens in it!!

Theres a good size mirror inside it, which is so useful when using it on the go.
 There's 4 different shades and an empty space for you to mix the shades to fit your shade perfectly.
 The brush is the perfect size for spot concealing.
At 8g/0.28oz, its a generous amount of product. 
I use the lighter shades to coneal my dark under eye circles and use the darker shades for any blemishes I have on the rest of my face.
 I also found that the darkest shade can be used to contour my nose and hollows of my cheeks.
 The consistency is extremely creamy and blendable and melts so naturally into my skin. Therefore, it dosen't leave a dry, chalky and cakey look, when blended in properly.
I give this product 5 out of 5.

This is the front view.

This is the back view

This is what is looks like when its opened.

This is shade 2. The bottom space is left empty, for the user to mix the different shades of concealer together.

 This is shade 4. The brush is missing, since I dropped it on the floor and I had washed it and its now laying out to dry.

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