Dry skin relief

I finally found the perfect solution to my ultra dry flaky skin problem I 've been having.
 I rediscovered an organic moisturiser called "Mt. retour, Organixlift" . Like most natural  certified organic products, this is from Australia.
This has brought relief to my skin. Since during these couple of days, I have been flaking constantly like snake shredding its skin.
I look aged, dry, flaky and wrinkly.
I had tried numerous amount of techniques, like using a mask, layering thick aqueous cream etc . 
 I was so embarrassed by the condition of my skin that I would moisturise during the day at work during my breaks. However, it only gave me short term relief, as after a while the moisturiser would ball up with the dead skin of my face and create greasy flakes of skin.
Then, I came to my senses, all the products I was using were all water-based. I remembered that I had an oil-based moisturiser buried in my collection. I had given up on this product before, as I was using it during the summer, which would give me oily skin.

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